General conditions of sale


    Article 1: preamble and definitions

    Las condiciones generales de venta que se detallan a continuación (en lo sucesivo denominadas "Condiciones generales") rigen las relaciones contractuales entre cualquier usuario del sitio que desee realizar una compra en a través de nuestro sitio web o por teléfono (en lo sucesivo denominado "el cliente" o "usted") y la empresa, con domicilio social en Av de Onzè de Setembre, 7, 25337, Bellcaire d'Urgell, Lérida, Cataluña. main activity is the sale of goods to individuals through the website

    Estas condiciones generales de venta son las únicas aplicables y sustituyen a cualquier otra condición, salvo que se haya acordado previamente lo contrario de forma expresa y escrita. En cualquier momento, puede verse obligada a modificar determinadas disposiciones de estas condiciones generales. Por tanto, es necesario conocer la versión actualizada, el día de su pedido en el sitio (en lo sucesivo denominado el "Sitio"). Estas modificaciones afectar án al cliente a partir de su puesta en línea y se aplicarán a los pedidos posteriores a dicha puesta en línea. Cada compra en el Sitio está sometida a todas las cláusulas de las condiciones generales aplicables en la fecha del pedido. El cliente no podrá validar su pedido hasta que no conozca las condiciones generales del presente documento y las acepte marcando el icono correspondiente. considera que, al validar su pedido, el cliente conoce debidamente las condiciones generales de venta y las acepta sin reserva.

    By validating the general conditions of sale of this document during the order, the customer declares that the legal capacity allowing him to sign a contract. The client may contact in Email Address:

    Article 2: Object

    These conditions are intended to define the system of sales and rights derived therefrom, especially for
    - The organization of the legal relationship between the customer and;
    - Selling arrangements between and the customer (ordering, delivery, etc.).

    Article 3: Procedure and form of order

    The customer has two methods for ordering:
    - Online at our website:, accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week;
    - By phone at +34973586257 for opening hours.

    The data provided by the customer and registered by during registration and ordering constitute proof of transactions between and client. After validation of the order by the customer, send a confirmation message to notify the client that the request has been successfully registered. reserves the right to refuse delivery or accept an order if the customer has not partially or fully paid a previous order or a payment dispute exists. send the customer an email within 24 hours which will confirm receipt of the order and its processing status.

    The patient agrees that the language used for Web content and to the contract of sale is Castilian.

    Article 4: Price

    Prices shown on the site include VAT but exclude delivery costs. Delivery costs vary depending on the customer delivery address and weight of the items ordered. Delivery costs are indicated in the basket and are confirmed by validating the order. Delivery costs are invoiced at the end of the order and are added to the price of items ordered. reserves the right to change prices at any time but the products will be billed based on rates in effect at the time the order subject to availability on that date register.

    Flat rate shipping costs € 5.95 to 3 kg.
    Postage free from 90 € handling charges excluded.
    Orders bulky check conditions.

    Article 5. Retention of title and risk retains ownership of goods sold until such time that the actual payment of the principal amount and supplements are made. The default of a party may lead to claim the goods.

    These provisions do not constitute any obstacle to the transfer to the customer, after delivery, risk of loss and deterioration of the purchased goods, as well as the damage they may cause.

    Article 6: Availability

    Customer agrees and accepts at the moment that accept your order according to their available stocks and stocks of its partners and suppliers. will make every effort to respond to all requests.

    If a product is unavailable after confirming the order and after the closing of the corresponding sale, inform the customer by email or by telephone of the partial delivery of your order or cancel the order.

    In that case, in order to satisfy its customers and in order to maintain a serene and favorable commercial relations, customer propose repayment of amounts already paid as purchase voucher, bank transfer or refund your credit card.

    Article 7: Product data

    The products presented in sold in the limit of available goods and subject to availability from suppliers public to the fullest extent possible the basic characteristics of the products, mainly due to the technical descriptions of partners and suppliers and photographs and / or videos of products, all based on the technique and respecting the best standards market.

    Nevertheless, we can not guarantee accurate representation of our products on the Web, in particular as a result of differences in color result by Internet browsing software and / or display monitors. can not be held responsible for the inaccuracy of the photographs on the Web to cause differences in color by computer software internet browsing and / or display monitors.

    Maybe certain products (craft products, products whose technology is evolving, etc.) are, in certain steps, different product described and shown on the Web. We can not guarantee the homogeneity of production; therefore we can not guarantee that the product delivered is exactly equal to what is represented on the Web. These differences, from the moment they do not relate to the essential characteristics of the products and do not affect its quality, can not justify cancellation of the order or a refusal of delivery, without prejudice to the right of withdrawal of the consumer and user provided for in the Articles 101, 68 and related articles of the Law on Protection of Consumers and Users.

    Article 8: Secure payment

    In case of payment by credit card, the customer's order will not be validated until the payment is not made in the account with permission from the competent payment centers.

    If payment is not authorized, the customer's order can not be accepted.

    El pago en línea mediante tarjeta de crédito se realiza a través del sistema de seguridad "Secure Socket Layer", que permite el cifrado de los datos bancarios del cliente durante su transmisión por la red.

    In the event of default for any reason, require a friendly basic compensation of 15 euros plus the amount of the invoice, increased by the cost of execution of the transaction is debited charged by the bank of

    In the event that the amicable recovery prove unsuccessful within 10 days from the shipping date of the first demand for payment message, that message will be sent by registered letter or ordinary letter. The debt collection will be conducted through litigation.

    The legal fees charged for the billing office directly to the customer are independent of friendly basic compensation.

    Article 9: Delivery

    The normal delivery time for our products is 5-6 working days.
    Perfumeria y cosmetica 48 a 72h.

    The products in which delivery is marked by post will be sent by registered mail. In case of return the customer will bear the costs of return, debiéndolo certify to ensure delivery.

    Orders will be sent by parcel under normal conditions or in exceptional cases with specialized transport.

    In case of return the customer will bear the costs of return, debiéndolo certify to ensure delivery.

    An order will be delivered only in a shipping address. If you want more than one shipping address you will process more than one request separately and shipping costs will be passed on in each case.

    The products can only be delivered within the Spanish mainland or in specified locations.

    In case of complaint regarding faults or marks of spoilage (damage, missing product compared to the delivery order, damaged package, broken products, etc.), the customer must indicate his observations on the order of Delivery and send by mail with return receipt within two days after delivery at:
    Eleventh Avenue from September 7
    25337 Bellcaire d'Urgell
    Lleida, Catalonia

    Except in the case of hidden defects, no claim shall be admitted or reservation after receipt of the goods by the customer if he has not followed the procedure outlined above.

    It is our goal that this is the lowest possible and if there is any incident proceed to communicate it quickly.

    Article 10: Money back if not satisfied

    The client has 7 working days to return a product to if you are not satisfied. Thus, during these seven days and run it whenever the cost of collecting the product (igales to the fees charged for sending), the customer can return the product along with your bill and the product sealed in its original packaging.

    In the case of the return of goods specified in the first paragraph of this item, the customer shall bear the transport risks.

    The customer must pay shipping charges as long as the cancellation occurs with back up on the issue date of the product.

    All returns must be reported to the Customer Service of by registered letter with return receipt to the following address:
    Eleventh Avenue from September 7
    25337 Bellcaire d'Urgell
    Lleida, Catalonia

    Then will contact by email or phone with the customer to arrange the return of products and assigned a return number.

    Due to the nature of the products, the customer must follow the return procedure.

    No returns will be accepted if you have not followed the notification procedure to return

    Products that are new and complete (accessories, cushions, instructions as appropriate) will be accepted.

    The amount of any product that has been damaged by the customer or whose original packaging is damaged in a way that goes beyond its simple opening, or only partially reimburse will not be reimbursed.

    The periods mentioned above begin the day of receipt of order.

    This legal right of withdrawal is exercised free of charge, except for transportation costs.

    The legal guarantee does not apply to compensation for damage resulting from a cause external to the product (p. Ex .: blow, incompatibility with the mains) or caused by the customer.

    In case of return, the client will receive the money on your credit card or bank transfer. The arrangements for the refund set advised his client to sign a specific insurance with the carrier for the market value of the products. This insurance is necessary for the customer to protect against any case of damage, theft or loss of the goods by the carrier.

    In all cases, the return is at your own risk of the customer.

    If you participate in a promotion that offers shipping, in case of return you have two possibilities:

    1- bear the cost of returning the product to us (ensuring the product in case of damage or loss).

    2- collecting the product made billed a fixed amount depending on the weight of product to be returned.

    • a. De 0kg a 25kg:15 euros.
    • b. De 25kg a 50kg: 35 euros.
    • c. De 50kg a 100kg: 100 euros.
    • d. De 100kg a 130kg:150 euros.
    • e. Over 130kg budget you will ask a specialized carrier.

    Article 11: Ethical Statutes and reciprocity

    Hereby, guarantees its customers that the offered for sale on the site products do not infringe any point in the Spanish legislation on the day the order is placed. In addition, warrants site content does not violate morality.

    Article 12: Warranty

    The customer receives a guarantee against any consequences of damage or defects that could reveal hidden items sold, provided they are notified to within the legal deadline.

    Regardless of the warranty described in Article 5.1.1, is liable for defects of product conformity and latent defects.

    Article 13: Litigation and responsibility

    The customer is responsible for verifying that the information you provide to during the order are true and complete, especially the delivery address.

    The customer is responsible for the data you provide during registration and ordering. not responsible for any typographical error that can cause an error in the delivery. not responsible for mistakes made by the client and / or the breach by the customer of the terms of delivery and the appointment which he has concluded with the carrier. In that case, the expenses required for the shipment and storage of the products shall be borne by the customer.

    They are considered acts of God or force majeure exempting from liability all facts or unavoidable or unforeseeable circumstances beyond the will of the parties, especially in case of total or partial strike of transporters, and natural disasters such as floods and fire.

    The customer chooses and purchases the products under its own and sole responsibility. Therefore, the total or partial inability to use the products for reasons of incompatibility of material can not give rise to any compensation, reimbursement or liability claim, except in the case of a proven hidden defect, nonconformity, imperfection or exercise the right of withdrawal under the Consumer Code.

    In the event that the customer does not fill in all form fields, the form will not be sent and you can not communicate with

    Article 14: Protection of Personal Data

    In compliance with the Organic Law 15/99 of December 13, Protection of Personal Data, and the LSSICE 34/2002 of July 11, we inform the following information:

    Names: Antiques Mas SCCL
    Domicilio Fiscal: Avda. Eleven September 7,
    25337 Bellcaire d'Urgell
    Phone: 973 586257

    Antiguetats Mas, owns the domain name ""

    Registration details:

    The Company Antiguetats Mas SCCL, is registered in the land register of Lleida, cooperatives of the Generalitat de Catalunya, 1078 Sheet N, LL key.

    In accordance with the provisions of art. 5 of Act 15/99, we inform you that the information you provide us by completing the registration form, or to request the sending of our newsletter, will become part of a file whose owner is Antiguetats Mas and has sccl aimed at managing the process of buying and selling electronics as well as the sending of commercial communications you request.

    This file has sifdo declared and registered with the General Register of the Spanish Agency of Protection of Personal Data.

    You can exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition in writing and accompanied by a photocopy of your ID to:.
    Avda. Eleven September 7
    25337, Beaucaire d 'Urgell.

    Acceptance of our privacy policy, involves the provision of consent for receiving advertising products of the company and its partners.

    However, please note that if you wish to exercise their right to object to receiving such advertising can do so by writing to the email address above or by clicking on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of our advertising.

    Five Star gifts at any time not provide data or customer information to third parties or use cookies or other electronic or digital means to gather information. Cookies are utlizan only to set the current session in the cart for the user of e-commerce. Five Star gifts not responsible for the theft of information by foreign or external casuas as hackers, computer viruses, Internet worms, spyware, malware or other digital threat.

    Article 15: Severability

    The fact that a clause in any of the general conditions of sale is declared invalid, unenforceable, outdated, illegal or unenforceable due to a law, regulation or following a final judgment of a competent court, may not call into question the validity, legality and enforceability of the other provisions of these general conditions of sale, and shall not relieve the customer from fulfilling its contractual obligations.

    The part of the question, adhering integrate contract pursuant to Article 1258 of the Civil Code and the principle of objective good faith. To this end, the judge annul such clauses integrate the contract and will have moderating powers in respect of the rights and obligations of the parties when the contract subsist, and the consequences of its ineffectiveness in case of significant damage to the consumer and user.

    Cundo only the remaining clauses determine an unfair situation in the position of the parties that can not be remedied may be understood and the judge may declare the contract is ineffective.

    Article 16: Dispatch of the notification of the order and the invoice by email send the customer an email within 24 hours which will confirm receipt of the order and its processing status. The customer agrees to receive the invoice of your order in PDF format or email.